1612 Gunner John Verner Ingham.

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Bombay Volunteeer Artillery Battery. Died in captivity on the 6 February 1917.

The Accrington Observer reported: -


News has been received that Gunner John Verner Ingham, a nephew of Capt. Harwood, is a prisoner of war with the Turks at Bagdad. He was wounded in the head at Kut on Christmas Day 1915. Gunner Ingham is an old student of the Accrington Technical School, and he won a degree of B.A. at Manchester University. When the war broke out he was secretary of a flour milling company in Bombay and joined an Indian Artillery unit. It is pleasing to know that Gunner Ingham is going on fairly well in the hands of the Turks.

John Verner Ingham was born at Accrington, Lancashire circa 1888 the son of Thomas Edmondson Ingham and Nancy Ingham. He is buried in the Bagdad (North Gate) Cemetery, Bagdad, Iraq.