Soldiers who were patients at Huntroyde

Abbott, Albert 36127 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Addison, Harry 6026 Private Lincolnshire Regiment
Adie, William 34369 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Aitken, Alexander H. 325158 Sergeant Cameron Highlanders
Alderson, Harold 10456 Private Loyal (North Lancashire) Regiment
Allen, William 4374 Private Rifle Brigade
Allinson, John R/13466 Private King's Royal Rifle Corps
Allsop, John Henry 7349 Private Wiltshire Regiment
Amos, William 12437 Corporal Grenadier Guards
Andrews, Harry G/188395 Private East Kent Regiment
Bailey, Albert E. 10929 Private Wiltshire Regiment
Bailey, William Samuel 9041 Private Worcestershire Regiment
Baker, James 8592 Private Worcestershire Regiment
Barker, Edward 317640 Private Bedfordshire Regiment
Barker, John Henry 9198 Private 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade
Barker, William 3/1280 Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Bartlett, James 9800 Private Worcestershire Regiment
Beard, James G/78826 Private Queen's (West Surrey) Regiment
Beaumont, William 1733 Private Lancashire Fusiliers
Bellamy, Henry 4299 Bombardier Royal Field Artillery
Bird, John 18110 Private Bedfordshire Regiment
Blair, Stewart 12241 Private Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
Bosworth, Herbert 4094 Private Northamptonshire Regiment
Braime, William 15096 Private West Yorkshire Regiment
Bright, Harry 5532 Private East Lancashire Regiment
Brown, Frank Henry 7858 Private Coldstream Guards
Butterworth, Alfred 9752 Private King's (Liverpool) Regiment
Camm, William 9863 Private King's Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment
Capp, Edward 15299 Private Devonshire Regiment
Carroll, Thomas 65473 Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Cartwright, Alfred 35138 Gunner Royal Horse Artillery
Catton, Harry 15195 L/Corporal Norfolk Regiment
Caves, William 10521 Corporal Grenadier Guards
Chapman, Charles 14875 Private Royal Fusiliers
Chisholm, Jasper 1688 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Clarke, George 12338 Private Royal Fusiliers
Clifford, Frederick Richard 9231 L/Corporal Gloucestershire Regiment
Clinch, Charles 1115 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Clinch Charles F. GS/8637 Trooper 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards
Clough, Stanley PS/4649 Private Royal Fusiliers
Collins, Arthur Edmund 15258 Private 17th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry
Constable, Ernest 2071 Trooper Berkshire Yeomanry
Cosyons, Omer n/k n/k Belgium Artillery
Coules, Frederick S/14458 Rifleman 16th Battalion, Rifle Brigade
Cowan, Joseph 4169 Private Border Regiment
Cox, T. W. G/34 Private East Kent Regiment
Crawley, Frederick A/1230 S/Sergeant Army Ordnance Corps
Crowther, Herbert 20268 Private East Lancashire Regiment
Cunliffe, James 1775 Private Royal Fusiliers
Curtis, Stanley 17355 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Cushway, George 6120 Private King's Royal Rifle Corps
Daley, Daniel 1351 Private Royal Irish Fusiliers
Dance, Walter Horace 18425 Sapper Royal Engineers
Daniels, John 11639 Private Royal Fusiliers
Davies Henry John 196510 Sapper Royal Engineers
Davies, James 4/2033 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Dawson, William 34545 Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Deal, Albert 2223 Private Suffolk Regiment
Dean, William 47919 Private Manchester Regiment
De Winter, William 8525 Private Devonshire Regiment
Dickson, William 13259 Corporal Border Regiment
Dixon, John
L/Corporal West Kent Regiment
Dixon, John Robert 7788 Sergeant Yorkshire Regiment
Donovan, William 2269 Private Cheshire Regiment
Dowling, Christopher 2793 Private Leinster Regiment
Driscoll, Daniel 3696 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Duncombe, Richard 27855 L/Corporal Border Regiment
Dutton, Walter 10070 Private Cheshire Regiment
Edwards, W. A. 35296 Private Essex Regiment
Eldridge, George L/13995 Private Middlesex Regiment
Essex, Sydney 3185 Private Warwickshire Regiment
Evans, Alfred 12248 Private Lancashire Fusiliers
Everett, Joseph 14877 Private Suffolk Regiment
Ewin, Harry S/15617 Private Gordon Highlanders
Feltham, Charles 8070 L/Corporal Rifle Brigade
Ferguson, William
Private Welsh Regiment
Festraeds, Theophile
Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Fitzgibbon, Henry 2420 Private London Regiment
Fletcher, S. 10640 Private West Yorkshire Regiment
Fowler, W. R.
Private West Yorkshire Regiment
Francis, Henry 85572 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Frear, James 202855 Private Border Regiment
Fry, Alfred 5065 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Gay, Alfred 4155 Private London Regiment
Gibbons, William 2085 Private Gloucestershire Regiment
Gill, Sydney 2097 Private Cambridgeshire Regiment
Girdlestone, Ernest 9675 Private Coldstream Guards
Glynn, James 2013 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Goodwin, William 1696 Private London Regiment
Gorbutt, Ronald 36800 Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Graham, Sidney 28009 Corporal 5th and 11th Battalions, Border Regiment
Graham, William 18613 Sapper Royal Engineers
Gray, George 14571 Sergeant Grenadier Guards
Greene, William A. G. 4267 Private London Regiment
Grice, Richard 4244 Corporal East Lancashire Regiment
Haithwaite, John 2723 Private Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Hall, Alfred 12341 Private Middlesex Regiment
Hallet, Victor
Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Hamblin, Leonard 3/6093 Private Somerset Light Infantry
Hannan, Peter 8721 Private Royal Scots Fusiliers
Hardie, Robert, M. 23776 Private King's Own Scottish Borderers
Hart, William 9870 Private Berkshire Regiment
Hayes, William
L/Corporal Royal Irish Rifles
Hayward, Frederick A. 5135 L/Corporal North Staffordshire Regiment
Head, George 13965 Private Coldstream Guards
Henderson, Arthur J. 34310 Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Hennery, Arthur 8018 QM Sergeant 4th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment
Hogg, Thomas 8008 Sergeant King's Own Scottish Borderers
Holton, Albert 7525 Private Bedfordshire Regiment
Hopkins, Frank 5239 Private Rifle Brigade
Hughes, Gordon McGregor 73 Private London Regiment
Hughes, Thomas 10617 Private Royal Irish Fusiliers
Hundy, Herbert 220 Private Warwickshire Regiment
Hynes, Frederick 7720 Private Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
James, Gilbert 15650 Private Royal Fusiliers
Jefferies, John 1235 Private Gloucestershire Regiment
Johnson, Charles 10152 Private Manchester Regiment
Johnson, Everard 13168 Private Coldstream Guards
King Frederick C. 10899 Private Manchester Regiment
Knight, Albert K. 9852 Sergeant King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lambert, Robert 2166 Private Cambridgeshire Regiment
Lawson, Thomas 2102 Private Army Cyclist Corps
Lee, George 7205 Sergeant Middlesex Regiment
Leroy, Clement
3rd Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Leydon, Patrick 132452 Sapper Royal Engineers
Lewsey, Albert 3/601 Corporal Essex Regiment
Longden, Willis H. 22035 Private York and Lancaster Regiment
Lowe, Frederick 24858 Private South Wales Borderers
Mace, George 124070 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Maloney, Patrick 3908 Private Royal Munster Fusiliers
Maret, Ernest S/5286 Private Middlesex Regiment
Marsh, Ernest 2155 Private Gloucestershire Regiment
Marshman, Frederick 1264 Private Royal Munster Fusiliers
Mayle, William 20020 Private East Lancashire Regiment
McAllister, John 24051 Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
McAndrews, James 4842 Private Lancashire Fusiliers
McClennan, Charles 7338 Private King's Royal Rifle Corps
McCracken, James 9168 Private Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
McMillan, William S/3305 L/Corporal Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Meechan, Sydney 1336 Private Gordon Highlanders
Meeks, George L/18759 Bombardier Royal Field Artillery
Middleton, Bertram 15223 Private Northamptonshire Regiment
Montgomery, James S/1113 Private Cameron Highlanders
Moore, Thomas 24799 Private East Lancashire Regiment
Morrison, Malcolm 3/8555 Private Cameron Highlanders
Moylan, James 9808 Private Royal Irish Rifles
Neville, Harry G/4240 Private Queen's (West Surrey) Regiment
Nuttall, James 4798 Private Manchester Regiment
Osborne, James 61801 Private Essex Regiment
Owens, William 1406 Private Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Phillips, Ernest 5165 Private London Regiment
Phillips, John C. 43337 Private West Yorkshire Regiment
Phillips, Melville 18456 L/Corporal Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Pickup, Grimshaw 13537 Private Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Piggott, Jack 2416 Private Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
Pollen, Albert 7143 Private Royal Army Medical Corps
Potter, Samuel S/11471 Private Seaforth Highlanders
Powell, Charles H. 2213 Private Durham Light Infantry
Prentice, John 13691 Private Royal Scots
Preston, Herbert 11760 Private Berkshire Regiment
Proctor, William 5/2291 Corporal Durham Light Infantry
Purvey, Herbert J. 9062 Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Rae, Herbert 2664 Private Warwickshire Regiment
Rains, Norman 46726 Private Manchester Regiment
Ralph, Robert G/4861 Private Sussex Regiment
Reece, Ernest 113722 Sapper Royal Engineers
Rhodes, Frank 18688 Private Grenadier Guards
Rhodes, Walter S. 84052 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Ritchie, Richard 9694 Private Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
Roberts, Alfred 11/44 Private East Yorkshire Regiment
Roberts, William Owen 4368 Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Robinson, William 5/2123 Private Durham Light Infantry
Roebuck, George 1343 Sergeant London Regiment
Russell, Thomas 10396 Private Royal Irish Fusiliers
Sach, Henri n/k n/k 1st Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Salu, Hubert n/k n/k 2nd Belgium Regiment of Chasseurs
Sanderson, Frederick T. 197 Sergeant Loyal (North Lancashire) Regiment
Savage, Harry GS/24402 Private Royal Fusiliers
Sclanders, Thomas Harvey MS/3197 Driver Army Service Corps
Scott, Herbert T4/038515 Driver Army Service Corps
Segnave, Louis n/k n/k 3rd Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Shakespeare, James T/043840 Driver Army Service Corps
Shaw, George G/7609 Private Middlesex Regiment
Shennan, Edward 1428 Sergeant Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Sheppard, W. H. 7361 Sergeant 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regiment
Sim, William 13874 Corporal Scots Guards
Skidmore, David 9734 Private South Staffordshire Regiment
Smith, Bernard A. 36033 Private Worcestershire Regiment
Smith, Frederick 6139 Private London Regiment
Smith, Patrick J. 15833 Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Smith, Thomas 3/9362 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Spence, John J. 3/6785 Private East Yorkshire Regiment
Stevenson, Colin C. 2803 Private Highland Light Infantry
Stonham, Thomas 24391 Pioneer Royal Engineers
Strickland, John 26041 Private Royal Canadian (Montreal) Regiment
Sutcliffe, Harold C/985 Private King's Royal Rifle Corps
Sweeney, John J. S/6891 Private Gordon Highlanders
Symonds, Harry G. 10345 L/Corporal Berkshire Regiment
Taylor, Albert 8443 Private Lincolnshire Regiment
Taylor, William G. 6162 Private Somerset Light Infantry
Teague, Charles
King's (Shropshire) Light Infantry
Thain, George S-2670 Private Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Thompson, Charles 6096 Private Middlesex Regiment
Tomlin, Joseph 2908 Private 9th Battalion, London Regiment
Towlson, Guy 1762 Private East Surrey Regiment
Townsend, William 4402 Corporal 3rd (King's Own Royal) Hussars
Tromans, Joseph 14 Private South Staffordshire Regiment
Turrall, Joe 9578 Private York and Lancaster Regiment
Van Cutson, Arnold
1st Belgium Regiment of Carabiniers
Van der Burge, Joseph
Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Van Goethein, Alphonse
2nd Belgium Regiment of Grenadiers
Vaughan, Charles 8976 Private Coldstream Guards
Wakeham, Dennis 706 Private Sussex Regiment
Walkden, William 5124 Private East Lancashire Regiment
Wallace, Alfred SS/7658 Private Army Service Corps
Wardle, Lawrence 3/7908 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Waugh, George H. 30701 Private Durham Light Infantry
Webb, Frederick 7907 Private Royal Fusiliers
Weightman, Wilfred 2724 L/Corporal Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment
Wells, William J. 4527 Private Sussex Regiment
Weston, William 12811 L/Corporal Worcestershire Regiment
Wilkinson, Walter H. 281195 Private London Regiment
Willicombe, Samuel 65791 Private King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Wilson, Thomas 10525 Corporal Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Woodall, Frederick 3/9425 Private Northumberland Fusiliers
Woods, James W. 19569 Private Royal Scots Fusiliers
Woods, Thomas T/7029 Sapper Royal Engineers
Woodward, Henry 2009 Private London Regiment
Wurtembourg, Gustave n/k n/k Belgium Infantry Ligne Regiment
Yorke, Ernest SE/3852 Corporal Army Veterinary Corps